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The Hawaii Shore & Beach Preservation Association (HSBPA) is an organization of private sector, academic, government professionals, students, and local community members dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Hawaii’s beaches and coastal environments.

We are aiming to bring together various members of the coastal community and have established the following goals:

  • Foster dialogue and cooperation on coastal management issues in Hawaii, including but not limited to: beach preservation and restoration, coastal environment protection, coastal erosion and shoreline protection, sediment management, shoreline access, value and economics of beach and coastal resources, and coastal hazards inclusive of climate change, sea-level rise, hurricanes, and tsunamis. 
  • Support the professional development of chapter members and the education of students and community members through meetings, newsletters, publications, workshops, and regional conferences. 
  • Engage the community and relevant organizations to identify partnerships, projects, and research needs relating to coastal and beach preservation in Hawaii. 
  • Review and comment on laws, regulations, programs, projects, and funding pertaining to Hawaii’s beaches and coastal environments.

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